Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get That Prius Outta My Face

Back by popular demand: The "Get That Prius Outta My Face" shirt - an homage to Nacho Libre who refused the corn. From a motorbiker's shit list to the late September L.A. wish list: Excerpt from the book "The Suicide Clutch" by Patrick J. Goldman. "...jumps on his Husqvarna 610, a street legal supermoto bike. A Swedish lightweight made from aluminum, plastic, and rubber; it is a 2-wheeled beast with an intense horsepower to weight ratio. It is a wheelie machine; accelerates like a sling shot and thanks to high performance brakes then decelerates on a split second’s notice. Or on no notice at all - which is what a motorcyclist gets from L.A.’s mostly oblivious PRIUS and VOLVO drivers." So be careful out there. When you ride a motorcycle, chances are the person in the PRIUS doesn't see you. Or just : Get that Prius out of my face."

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