Monday, January 17, 2011

fameland chopper at North Hollywood concept art exhibition

The fameland chopper landed at Gallery 800 on Sunday, January 16th 2011 for the opening of
"As Seen at Comic-Con:  an Exhibition of Professional Work by the Illustrators of the Art Director's Guild".  This exhibit was put together by Casey Bernay for Comic-Con 2010.  Gallery 800 Curator is Denis Olsen.

Concept Artist Patrick Jänicke explained his raw and rusty car designs for the movie "Death Race" by Paul Anderson. The raw and rusty fameland chopper demonstrates how his professional art work and his daily lifestyle are going hand in hand. The German but L.A. based artist considers designing sets and vehicles for Hollywood movies and riding this sculpture on wheels as elements of a greater "Gesamtkunstwerk".

- You can find the Gallery address here:
- You can find photos from past exhibits at Gallery 800 here:

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