Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

fameland's designs and neo-surrealism

French Comic Artist Moebius once told us in an interview that an entertainingly good design needs to contain something ridiculous. Yes the element of sensical contradiction and ridicule is apparent in all of fameland's concept designs.
If not ridiculous at least it is safe to say that life in Hollywood aka "Lalaland" is hilarious.
While paying more for property taxes in the Hollywood Hills, up there you get the shittiest roads West of Romania. The ViPs of L.A. don't care about Hollywood's roads being in bad shape - they just get bigger wheels (Part of the reason this whole SUV craze started twenty years ago). Here, out of necessity, the Fameland Rolls on Tracks™ was invented.
It is a Fantasy Rolls that runs on tall tracks, like a tank going uphill.
What hill is it?
Your own personal dilemmas and obstacles?
Is it the mountain of US debt?
You fill in the blank.

fameland art - the bizarre creations, the absurd vehicles, the ridiculous Moebius loop.

Friday, July 1, 2011

fameland - Home of the Rolls Royce on Tracks™

Buckle up!
The fameland belt buckle is coming this Fall 2011. Some see it as DJ Apparel or a Hollywood Skateboarders' Fashion Accessory. We even spotted cafe racers at a recent Orange County chopper and vintage motorcycle event wearing, not just another motorcycle design but fameland's own Rolls Royce on Tracks™. After all fameland is the Home of the Rolls Royce on Tracks™.
Why, you might ask?
In case you haven't noticed but the roads in Los Angeles are as a good as in any other Third World Country; with all its cracks and potholes we decided to put the fameland fashion Rolls Royce on tank tracks. That way we can ride through any prolonged recession with style and luxury.
Off Roaders have more fun anyway;-)

The Fameland Rolls Brick Phantom™