Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rapunzel and The Chauffeur

Custom Motorcycle Motorhome Tee Shirt
Rapunzel's Motorhome Tee Shirt by famelandfashion.  "Don't buy this at home" fun designs on wheels and imaginative art products from California

Monday, November 17, 2014

Vom Tellerwaescher zum Millionaer

Zazzle's Cheapest Shirt for the Starving Artist
Zazzle's Cheapest Shirt for the Starving Artist by fameland
Are you starving for your art? Good for YOU! Well done. Don't be a sell-out just to have that house in the hills and that Maserati Quattroporte - but wait; your art should be good though - it should be worth the sacrifice. If it is not - just sell out and say "yes" to change". Read a book by Karl Lagerfeld and find out how you too can be creative and rich! These things should not be mutually exclusive. Start today by sporting some fameland fashion or other custom shit designed in Hollywood, the land of fame and fortune.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Fantastic Creatures Of Los Angeles

Today we inspire with not only cunning visuals but an excerpt from an upcoming novel:
"The Suicide Clutch" - novel by Patrick Goldman:

"Häysen takes his 12 foot chopper to Sunset Boulevard and makes his way westward. It takes him a while. A plethora of LA road turtles block his way; a Prius with an Obama sticker still hoping for something. A dusty Volvo station wagon, who’s driver is too oblivious to notice that someone wrote “Jew canoe” on the rear window. And last but not least on Häysen’s shit list today are those ubiquitous Hollywood tourist vans; cut open on the top like sardines. Little heads peek out, like baby birds in their nest, stretching their necks, waiting to be fed. Their tour guide does indeed feed them with bits of exaggerated celebrity information which then in turn causes them to take photos of hedges behind which they assume fame.
"Los Angeles is a large organism and Sunset Boulevard is like a main artery that leads to smaller arteries which end up in ever tinier windy little arteries all the way to the remote corners of that body called Los Angeles. Häysen ends up in such a remote but privileged location, like a banker’s fingertip or a boxer’s right hand knuckle. This road is a dead end. This is where his first interrogation shall take place."*
Designs by AEE Choppers. Story by fameland publishing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrating what feels good

What is it about a V-8 motor that is so fascinating?
The sound? The vibration? The look?

Don't ask whether it is comfortable.
Don't ask whether it makes sense. Does it makes sense that millions of overweight people claim they love sports? What? Watching the Lakers? At fameland headquarters we'd rather ride something ridiculous and have a hands on real experience. Of course you could combine the two - risking your life AND wearing fameland fashion -

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get That Prius Outta My Face

Back by popular demand: The "Get That Prius Outta My Face" shirt - an homage to Nacho Libre who refused the corn. From a motorbiker's shit list to the late September L.A. wish list: Excerpt from the book "The Suicide Clutch" by Patrick J. Goldman. "...jumps on his Husqvarna 610, a street legal supermoto bike. A Swedish lightweight made from aluminum, plastic, and rubber; it is a 2-wheeled beast with an intense horsepower to weight ratio. It is a wheelie machine; accelerates like a sling shot and thanks to high performance brakes then decelerates on a split second’s notice. Or on no notice at all - which is what a motorcyclist gets from L.A.’s mostly oblivious PRIUS and VOLVO drivers." So be careful out there. When you ride a motorcycle, chances are the person in the PRIUS doesn't see you. Or just : Get that Prius out of my face."

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Badly Drawn Motor

Motorcycle Engine Drawing T-shirt
Panhead Drawing on a T-shirt
Remember "Badly Drawn Boy"?
How about a badly drawn Harley motor?
We ride our Panhead since Easter Sunday!
And then to the upcoming chopper fest on LA's skid row!

How about you?
 Visit fameland this summer 2014
Find other crude motor drawings at our fameland motors™ department

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Do you have to have a reason?

  • Name a London-based "consulting detective" whose abilities border on the fantastic. This man is famous for his astute logical reasoning, his ability to adopt almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science to solve difficult cases. 
  • Inductive reasoning attempts to support a determination of the rule. It hypothesizes a rule after numerous examples are taken to be a conclusion that follows from a precondition in terms of such a rule. Example: "The grass got wet numerous times when it rained, therefore: the grass always gets wet when it rains." While they may be persuasive, these arguments are not deductively valid, see the problem of induction. Science is associated with this type of reasoning.
  • Abductive reasoning, aka inference to the best explanation, selects a cogent set of preconditions. Given a true conclusion and a rule, it attempts to select some possible premises that, if true also, can support the conclusion, though not uniquely. Example: "When it rains, the grass gets wet. The grass is outside and nothing outside is dry, therefore: maybe it rained." Diagnosticians and detectives are commonly associated with this type of reasoning.

What reason do we have to look for the outrageous - to create vehicular architecture and architectural vehicles?

The Fameland Rolls Brick Phantom™