Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fameland was SIGHTED in Detroit

Fameland's Metabella™ made it to Detroit in a silver foil Silver Shadow on Tracks. Yes it is a Rolls on Tracks™. Detroit hipster girls tell us they saw some fameland shirts for sale at Dolce Moda in Royal Oak , the coolest boutique North of Detroit -
famelandfashion is a L.A. based apparel brand created and designed by world reknown L.A. artist Patrick Janicke. "An L.A artist born in Berlin, Germany, what's the significance?" asked schnufti magazine in May 2007. "I personally believe, L.A is the sister city of Berlin, Germany and, uh...should help the Americans to, uh design better film sets and t-shirts, so that we can build our future together." Patrick von Janicke is not dating Miss South Carolina.

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